Welcome to the website of Recider Projekt Ltd! Our company specializes in project design and planning, administrative support and strategic planning for clients working in cultural and creative industries, rural development and sustainable tourism. We offer expertise in developing business and marketing plans, project proposals for SMEs, family farms and artisans, as well as strategic and management plans that public institutions and local self-government units want or need to create in order to define their future development, align themselves with legal regulations along with national and European strategic frameworks.

We offer services such as designing and implementing projects and operational measures in abovementioned sectors. We also provide all operational and creative services needed to carry out specific projects, such as management and administration, design and development of promotional materials (both print and digital), web content management, search for funding sources and opportunities, etc. In addition, we offer highly personalized, tailor-made services in the field of research and branding of family history and genealogies, conducting historic and other expert research, as well as accompanying editorial and publishing projects.

The overall expertise of our company and its associates is incorporated into Culsperience, publishing and marketing platform aimed at creating and developing unique and authentic tourist experiences, especially in “hidden” rural areas of Croatia and neighbouring countries.

Core of our team consists of three experts-practitioners formally educated in Social Sciences and Humanities, Law, and Geography, while are broader family of associates includes experts in the field of Financial Analysis and Accounting, ICT, video- and digital production, and graphic design.

Our team


Iva Beljan

Holds a BA degree and is currently completing her MA degree in Law from the Faculty of Law, University of Zagreb. Iva is an award-winning consultant with many years of experience and mentoring within the Law Clinic, a social project designed to provide legal and administrative support to the marginalized, vulnerable and low-income groups and individuals. She specializes in solving various legal and procedural problems that individuals and organizations are encountering in their everyday business.


Luka Jakopčić

Holds an MA degree in Early Modern History and Comparative Literature from the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, University of Zagreb. Luka is a cultural and creative consultant, a certified EU project manager who has participated in a number of different educational programmes in the field of cultural heritage management and business development. He has authored and edited a number of expert studies and monographs and also writes for cultural, historical and business periodicals and publications (Zarez, Gordogan, Le Monde Diplomatique, Businessin.hr, Historical Review, Scrinia Slavonica).


Helena MIkulandra

Obtained a BA degree in applied geography at Zadar University. Currently finishing MA degree in spatial planning and regional development at Zagreb University, Faculty of Science – Department for Geography. Helena’s field of expertise are regional and rural development, policy planning, and EU-instruments aimed at supporting development of rural and deprived areas. Accordingly, she has participated in numerous conferences, courses, and workshops on these topics.