Strategic plans

Strategic plans (or development strategies) are written documents that define the current state, goals, priorities and measures of the development of an organization, institution or a public body for a particular multiyear period. Plans are comprised of analytical and planning (projection) parts. Analytical part consists of an introduction, historical and organizational overview, an analysis of the current state across key business segments, comprehensive SWOT and PEST analysis as well as further analysis and field research when necessary. The planning section defines the vision and strategic goals, priorities and measures as well as their compliance with strategy documents at regional, national and EU levels. This section also contains a list of feasible projects along with a plan for implementation, evaluation and financing aligned with the socioeconomic aspects of the organization and its environment. Our strategic plans apply a problem-solving, practically-oriented approach in which every segment is grounded in a systematic, in-depth analysis and not a single part is made for the sake of procedure or formality. In order to achieve this, besides conducting comparative analysis and carefully structuring the text, Recider also carries out continuous consultation with different stakeholders (representatives of clients, professionals from different fields and other interested parties) in line with the participatory method.

Business plans

Business plans are written documents that include operational, marketing and financial analysis of a new or potential business venture. The structure of the plan is comprised of an overview of the clients’ current business operations; sales, competition and market analysis; procurement and analysis of the technical elements of the project, financial analysis (calculating investments, costs, selling prices, profit and loss account), project effectiveness assessment (financial and economic flow, return period, yield rate, net and relative present value) and project sensitivity analysis (business projections under conditions less favourable than expected). Given the particular aspects of Croatian business culture, namely its objective (lack of resources) and subjective problems (“I don’t need that” and other negative personal attitudes), we make sure that our business plans are not formulaic documents made solely as an obligatory additional paperwork for a loan or a project application, but rather practical guides developed from a detailed analysis and intense communication with the client. In other words, a handbook for business success (or a warning sign of a business failure).

The disposal and programs for the use of the state-owned agricultural land

Since the coming into effect of the new Agricultural Land Act (Official Gazette 20/2018), the local self-government units have been required to come up with programs for the disposal of agricultural land owned by the Republic of Croatia in their area. Although the legal deadline for creating programs has expired, the operational part of land use programs for more than 700,000 hectares of state-owned agricultural land is just beginning. As authors of disposal programs for more than 20 municipalities across Croatia, we have developed an elaborate methodology, expertise in regulatory compliance, as well as experience in dealing with their practical implementation. We provide a comprehensive development of the program as well as modifications to the existing programs, which entails collecting all necessary input documentation, the preparation of explanation, tables and statistics concerning disposal along with the cartographic material. We coordinate the process between municipalities (as holders of the disposal) and farmers (as beneficiaries of the state-owned agricultural land) in order to carry out the process of tendering and land allocation as easily and efficiently as possible. For farmers, we create programs for the use of the state-owned agricultural land as well as advising them on how to approach the whole process in a strategic and practical manner.