Marketing in cultural and creative industries, agriculture and tourism (interpretive planning, marketing and sales plans)

What exactly lies behind the ubiquitous word “marketing”? Well, marketing is essentially the art of positioning oneself in the market. In a world oversaturated with an ever-growing supply of goods and services, governed by the logic of the market, knowing how to position oneself in a unique and recognizable way often means the very difference between success and failure. That is why we take the search for your brand identity (or a unique story of your cultural heritage, product or tourism potential) very seriously. We examine the subject of a marketing plan (or an interpretive plan in the case of cultural heritage) in its specific local context, similar to the analysis we carry out in strategic development plans. Afterwards, from the perspective of the external observer we determine what can make it recognizable not just locally, but also nationally and internationally, since the end customer of this type of product in 99% of cases is not a resident of that particular municipality. After we determine the unique selling proposition (otherwise known as striking the gold in any marketing project), we start developing a plan to adequately place that value on the market, sell it and attract customers. Depending on the type and needs of a client, that can result in anything from interpretive plans, museum strategies, social media campaigns, sales campaigns to many other activities falling under the category of practical operational services .

Family history and branding

Genealogical research and creating a family history tree allow our customers to gather family generations of from different centuries in one place and discover fascinating details from their ancestors’ lives. The added value of this type of research, that is, a genealogy tree, a family booklet, a picture book or an album as its final product, is reflected in the fact that a family tree is a gift that its recipients will not only remember but also keep as a treasure (since a framed A2 or B2 print is not easy lose). The passing of time only adds value to it as it remains a valuable family monument for the future generations. For children, it represents a unique way of learning about their family heritage since it can be turned into a game (like a family version of the Memory Game) or a picture book which will enable children to meet their ancestors but also develop a sense of history, cause and effect, and logical reasoning. Finally, genealogy research provides an abundance of original, previously unknown family information, which can prove very useful in design and branding of family business projects, for example in tourism and hospitality industries, food production, trades and crafts. In this way genealogy research makes a great addition to marketing and interpretive plans. All our research and services of this type comply with the requirements of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and are carried out only after the client has been made aware of all legal and technical details and has consented to processing their personal data.

Research and commissioned writing services

This service refers to conducting specialized historical and social research and structuring them into texts of different genres and purposes ranging from strictly scientific research, local and regional monographs to popular texts intended for a wider audience. Since Recider has the ability to gather and coordinate professional research teams, as well as provide editing, copyediting, proofreading and other publishing services, all research conducted and texts produced can also be published according to the highest standards of the publishing industry.