Culsperience (a portmanteau of culture and experience) is a multipurpose service platform aimed at developing authentic cultural and tourist experiences, events and activities, primarily in hidden rural areas of Croatia. At its core and as a starting point of the entire project lies the popular-scientific study named Culsperience: A Different Side of Croatia written by Luka Jakopčić (Recider projekt), Jelena Kulušić, Lucija Bakšić, MAs (Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences Zagreb), and Zoran Turk (Museum of Međimurje Čakovec). The book will simultaneously be published in English and Croatian. Created in the Anglo-Saxon tradition of a popular history studies that are both entertaining and engaging, it will:

  • Fill a gap in the market for this type of literary and cultural production in Croatia
  • Provide foreign tourists with an educational, unconventional and entertaining guide through Croatian history, heritage and culture
  • Serve as the starting marketing and PR framework for further development of the Culsperience platform in practice

Following the release of the book (2019), Culsperience platform will intensify its marketing activities, primarily through online campaigns (various digital-media formats), as well as via themed promotions and events. These actions are going to establish Culsperience as a recognizable, centralized and cost-effective system of promoting the authentic and hidden side of Croatia, primarily small rural areas that were previously unable to market themselves, due to a lack of financial resources, professional expertise, research insights, and genuine tourist attractions. The third project phase is going to focus on developing user competencies and organizing themed tours and package tours in cooperation with users, selected tour operators and travel agencies. That will round up the entire Culsperience project and give platform users an opportunity to confirm the quality of their destinations by obtaining a certificate of destination quality in the field of cultural and experience tourism.

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