Culsperience Croatia

Culsperience (from “Culture” and “Experience”) is Recider’s brand and “one-stop-shop” platform offering development, interpretation, promotion, and marketing/selling of culturally driven “get to know” Croatia travel experiences. The platform operates as a B2B consultancy provider, but it also reaches tourists, travelers, and heritage lovers eager to learn more about Croatian cultural and natural richness, hidden gems to see (especially in deprived areas), and sustainable tourism practices.

Culsperience is strongly rooted in Croatian historical and cultural heritage, which we present through vivid & funny (at least they say so) historic travelogue Culsperience: A different side of Croatia. At the moment, the book is available in the Croatian version only.

Tell me a story

„Tell Me a Story“ talks were shot during 2019 and early 2020. In eight short episodes, we’ve talked to individuals who, each in his or her own way, improve the quality of their destinations, local communities, and culture. The series takes you throughout Croatian regions – from Slavonia in the east, via Zagorje and Podravina in the centre, all the way to Gorski Kotar, Lika, and Dalmatia in the west and south. You’ll meet vivid and inspiring people, but also the values Recider projekt and its destination management brand Culsperience strenghten through our projects – sustainability, authenticity, creativity, and immersion into a local context.




Locally oriented.